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Come See Us at 2 Shows!
April 11, 2016

Come see the latest Atlas and BLMA products at TWO shows! On display will be the final releases coming from BLMA, plus the latest announcements and samples from Atlas. Both shows are ONE DAY ONLY - come early and don't miss the fun.

To see more about the Western Prototype Modelers Meet CLICK HERE

To see more about Fullerton Railroad Days CLICK HERE

We look forward to seeing you there!

BLMA Shipment Update
March 18, 2016
During this transition period, we have removed the ordering capability through this website. We expect all products to be available through in April.

For now, here is a schedule of pre-order products:

- N scale 31K Crude Oil Tank Cars - NOW SHIPPING
- N scale 60' Flat Cars - NOW SHIPPING
- N scale ACF 52' Gondola - DUE IN MAY
- HO & N scale Trinity 5660 Covered Hoppers - DUE IN MAY
- HO & N scale Trinity Tropicana Modern Reefers - DUE IN JULY
- HO & N scale Bx-166 BNSF 60' Double-Door Box Cars - DUE IN SEPTEMBER

Please remember that all pre-ordered rolling stock will be invoiced by BLMA but will ship from Atlas' facility in New Jersey.
Atlas Model Railroad Co. Acquires BLMA Models
January 6, 2016

HILLSIDE, New Jersey: Effective immediately, Atlas Model Railroad Co., has agreed to purchase BLMA Models Inc., of Fullerton, California. Founded in 2000, BLMA manufactures quality HO, N, and Z scale rolling stock and accessories. Upon completion of the acquisition, Atlas will own and release all current tooling, inventory, and will continue with production plans outlined by BLMA, prior to the sale.

Craig Martyn, Founder and President of BLMA Models, stated:

“What started as a hobby business 16 years ago has turned into something larger than I ever expected. The experiences, knowledge, and most importantly, the friendships gained through developing BLMA have been life changing, and I will be forever grateful to the many that supported my endeavors.

“This acquisition marks a bold new chapter for Atlas, and the evolution of my professional career as well. The purchase of BLMA ensures that enthusiasts will see more product releases than ever before, a continued legacy of attention to detail, and the future production of highly sought after models. I will now be able to dedicate my energy and invest more of my time into, which has seen rapid growth since I launched the company in 2011.

“To my industry connections and hobby enthusiasts, this is not a goodbye – I look forward to seeing you on the other side of the aisle, once again enjoying the great hobby of model railroading. Thank you for your unwavering support over the years, and cheers to our kindred connection today and always.”

For 60 years, Atlas has been a leader in the world of model railroading. Atlas has its roots in model railroad track and accessory making through invention, innovation, and ingenuity. Atlas has a proud reputation as a family-owned business and is well known for quality and excellence. Between Atlas and Atlas O, they manufacture track, locomotives, rolling stock, and structures in N, HO, O and O-27 scales. No matter your scale, you'll find the products you need and that "You're on the Right Track®...With Atlas".

Paul Graf, Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Model Railroad Co, stated:

“BLMA’s reputation for detail and prototypical accuracy is compatible with Atlas’. The HO and N rolling stock will fit seamlessly into the Atlas Master line of product. The details and accessories are a perfect complement Atlas’ existing product line.

We have known Craig since he first entered the market, and have had a good relationship with him and BLMA through the years. We are happy that Craig will be able to work with Atlas over the coming years as we incorporate the BLMA products into Atlas’ line, as well as bring some of BLMA’s planned new products to fruition. We plan to make the announcement of the first product from BLMA’s existing products as soon as the purchase is completed.”

On January 6th, 2016, BLMA will stop selling product direct, in preparation of shipping the inventory to Atlas. During the transition, BLMA will process open orders for pre-ordered rolling stock, though Atlas will physically fulfill the orders. These models include:

-N scale GSC 60’ Flat Car (Run #2) -N scale ACF 52’ Gondola (Run #3) -N scale Trinity 31K Crude Oil Tank Cars -HO & N Trinity 5660 Covered Hoppers -HO & N Trinity 64’ Modern Reefers – Tropicana -HO & N Bx-166 60’ Box Car – BNSF

In the coming years, Craig will work as a consultant to Atlas, ensuring a smooth transition, assistance on development and help with marketing. Atlas expects to release many popular BLMA items with all-new numbers, paint schemes, and more. Furthermore, Atlas will develop and release items already scheduled internally by BLMA.

BNSF 3 Ways on the Bx-166
November 17, 2015

If you're modeling beyond 1996, the BNSF is likely in your roster. With 300 of the Bx-166 Box Cars built by the ATSF, the bulk of this fleet is still in use today - although re-stenciled and painted for the BNSF. We're pleased to offer you three unique BNSF schemes - each with 8 unique road numbers. See more below!

• Ready-To-Run
• Fine-Scale Detail
• Prototypical Ride Height
• Body-Mounted Knuckle Couplers
• 24 New Road Numbers Total

HO Scale Bx-166 Double Door Box Car - BNSF CLICK HERE

N Scale Bx-166 Double Door Box Car - BNSF CLICK HERE

Download the Flyer and see more. (CLICK the image to download the PDF)
PHOTOS: N Scale 31K Crude Oil Tank Cars
October 12, 2015

You've never seen an N Scale tank car like this!

We're very pleased to show test shots of our upcoming N Scale Trinity 31K Crude Oil Tank Cars. These test shots showcase the extreme level of detail on these models, including fine-scale underbody brake rigging, thing (but durable) handrails, and tons of great printing.

Coming in two road names - a total of 48 unique road numbers - these all-new models will look great as they snake their way through any scenery. Designed from builder blueprints and prototype dimensions, these stunning models feature an acute attention to detail, BLMA trucks and wheels, and brown, body-mounted knuckle couplers. Click the link below for additional information, and to order your unit train today!

BLMA Celebrates 15 Years!
October 7, 2015

Hi, I'm Craig and 15 years ago I started BLMA...

It's safe to say that over the past 15 years a lot has changed including the industry and products. But, a few things have remained constant. A very sincere thank you to all of our supporters - you're the reason we're in business and your support is greatly appreciated!

I invite you to take a stroll down memory lane as we recount the past 15 years and all that's gone into BLMA - both public and behind the scenes. Enjoy.

Download the Flyer and see more. (CLICK the image to download the PDF)
Return of the Juice Train!
September 23, 2015

Back by popular demand! Return of the HO & N 64' Tropicana Reefers with 24 new road numbers. If a train of 24 wasn't enough, order this new release to have a 48 'Juice Train' on your railroad. Imagine that! Pre-order today through your favorite dealer or direct. See the links below for additional information.

Printed on our stand-in Trinity 64' Modern Reefer, we're pleased to announce a new run of 24 new, unique road numbers for these cars. Running from the North East to California, and seemingly all points between, these cars are a fixture of modern railroading and indirectly, our diets!

• Ready-To-Run
• Fine-Scale Detail
• Prototypical Ride Height
• Body-Mounted Knuckle Couplers
• 24 New Road Numbers

HO Scale Tropicana Modern Reefer CLICK HERE

N Scale Tropicana Modern Reefer CLICK HERE

Download the Flyer and see more. (CLICK the image to download the PDF)
IN STOCK: New HO Searchlight Signals!
September 2, 2015
We're pleased to announce that our long-awaited HO Scale Santa Fe/Southern Pacific Searchlight Signals and NEW Dwarf Signals are now IN STOCK! Your wait is over!

#4002 H-2 Dwarf Signal Heads (2 per pack)
#4070 Searchlight Block Signal - Straight Ladder - 2 Heads
#4071 Searchlight Block Signal - Straight Ladder - 1 Head

Features include:
• Pre-Lighted (with LED's)
• Pre-Assembled
• Pre-Painted
• Designed from ATSF Blueprints

Our signals are wired in the common positive (anode), and will work with any number of circuits manufacturers noted on the product pages. Please click below for additional information.

HO Scale Searchlight Signals CLICK HERE

National Train Show Portland - Good Times!
September 1, 2015

We're back from the National Train Show in Portland. For those of you who attended, you know this show featured plenty of great layouts and a busy crowd over three days. For the many, many of you who stopped by the booth - thanks! It's always nice to hear the stories of how BLMA products are used and appreciated. More to come!

NMRA Show - See You in Portland!
August 12, 2015

In just a few weeks, the 2015 NMRA Convention and National Train Show will take over Portland, Oregon. Held in conjunction with the National Model Railroad Associations annual convention, the National Train Show features manufacturers, dealers, layouts and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Drop by our booth at 317, and see test samples of our HO & N Trinity 5660 PD Covered Hoppers, N Scale Trinity Crude Oil Tank Cars, new HO Searchlight Signals and more!

See more information on the National Train Show:
ALL-NEW HO & N 5660 PD Covered Hopper!
July 15, 2015

We're more than excited to introduce our 5th body-style in HO and 11th in N scale! After years of extensive research and development, the mighty Trinity 5660 PD Covered Hoppers will be coming to a layout near you!

The 5660 Pressure Differential (PD) Covered Hopper was introduced in 1999, by Thrall Industries, as the most advanced design in the evolution of Pressure Differential Covered Hopper, a special breed within the covered hopper family. Production still continues today under the TrinityRail brand, following Trinity’s purchase of Thrall, with nearly 4,000 examples already built. The 5660 PD can be seen rolling throughout North America. These iconic models will be packed with features such as:

• Ready-To-Run
• Fine-Scale Detail
• Prototypical Ride Height
• Installed Train line Air Hoses (HO & N)
• Installed Coupler Cut Levers (HO & N)
• Body-Mounted Knuckle Couplers
• 6 Numbers Each in 4 Paint Schemes

If you're coming to the National Train Show in Portland next month, stop by our booth to see pre-production test shots! We will take pre-orders for these models until September 15th - see your favorite dealer or order direct today! These models are expected Q2, 2016. SEE MORE at the link below.

HO Scale Trinity 5660 PD Covered Hoppers CLICK HERE

N Scale Trinity 5660 PD Covered Hoppers CLICK HERE

Download the Flyer and see more. (CLICK the image to download the PDF)
July 7, 2015

On July 15, 2015, we will announce an all-new freight car in HO & N Scale! Here are a few clues:

• Not Yet Produced in HO or N
• Less Than 20 Years Old
• Thousands Produced
• Found Throughout North America
• Rides on 100-Ton Trucks

Come back after July 15th to see this all-new car!

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