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New Video Coming Soon!
August 26, 2014

Our blog has been a little quiet lately, but it's for good reason - we're busy working on new products! In the next twelve months, we will see the announcement and delivery of many anticipated releases, all-new cars in HO & N, and more. Stay tuned while we do the 'work' that brings these models to life.

Speaking of work, we had a recent R&D trip to Florida and Georgia. Check back soon for our latest video - a railfanning trip from popular spots around Northern Florida and Southern Georgia, including Folkston and Waycross. These videos take more more than a few hours to shoot and edit, so check back soon for the latest and more...

PTTX Conversion Parts!
August 15, 2014

We're pleased to announce a new product that might come in handy for those modeling pipe, and other bulk loads. Introducing our - sold separately - HO & N Scale PTTX/JTTX Conversion Parts Kit. This kit includes 12each - 'metal' risers and 'wood' cross beams.

Designed for use on your favorite flat cars, this conversion kit will complete up to one, 89' Flat Car. Designed for a bowl deck car (that is, the sides are higher than the deck), this kit will work on flush deck cars with slight modification to the risers.

This product is sold direct only in bulk packaging as a spare product.

HO Scale: PTTX Conversion Kit
N Scale: PTTX Conversion Kit

HO JTTX F89-J's Now Shipping
August 4, 2014

Our HO and N Scale ACF F89-J Flat Cars in the JTTX scheme and configuration have shipped. Designed to carry bulk loads or pipe, these models are available through your favorite dealer, or direct, in 12 unique road numbers. Similar to the PTTX 'Pipe Cars', these models come with deck rigging and appropriate brake rigging.

The N Scale models are SOLD OUT direct; HO models are in limited supply.

HO Scale: ACF F89-J 89' Flat Car - JTTX
N Scale: ACF F89-J 89' Flat Car - JTTX

All-New N Scale Freight Car!
July 18, 2014

We're pleased to announce the General Steel Castings 60' Flat Car in N Scale! Built by GSC starting in 1956, this flat car is packed with detail like:

• Ready-To-Run
• Die-Cast Metal Frame
• Fine-Scale Detail
• Prototypical Ride Height
• Installed Train line Air Hoses
• BLMA 70-Ton ASF Ride Control Trucks
• BLMA Low Profile 33" Metal Wheels
• Body-Mounted Brown Knuckle Couplers

This car is our first model to feature installed Train line Air Hoses. This detail raises the bar for N Scale models. Combine that with our metal wheels and trucks, and you've got one great running and looking model.


We are very excited about these models and look forward to their delivery in early 2015. Pre-order today through your favorite dealer or direct.

- - N Scale GSC 60' Flat Car CLICK HERE

Download the Flyer and see more. (CLICK the image to download the PDF)
Care to Guess?
July 7, 2014
NMRA Show - See You There!
July 5, 2014

In just a few weeks, the 2014 NMRA Convention and National Train Show will take over Cleveland, Ohio. Held in conjunction with the National Model Railroad Associations annual convention, the National Train Show features manufacturers, dealers, layouts and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Drop by our booth at 330, and see the latest products, plus an all-new N Scale Freight Car announcement!

See more information on the NMRA Convention:
See more information on the National Train Show:
N Scale Green Pipe Loads - NOW SHIPPING!
June 4, 2014

We're pleased to announce that our HO & N Scale Pipe Load production is in full swing. In fact, we're pleased to announced delivery of the N Scale Green Pipe Loads. These are the only Pipe Loads released; the N Scale Red and both HO Scale models will follow later this summer.

These stunning models feature correctly scaled pipes (two different sizes), a painted surface for the correct finish texture, injection-molded (and painted) 'wood' cradles, and scale metal banding material. The production of these has been complicated, but hey, nothing is impossible, right? Look for the additional models later this summer.

New HO Searchlight Signals Coming Soon!
May 27, 2014

We're pleased to announce THREE new Searchlight Signals in HO Scale! The long awaited H-2 Dwarf Signal, and two new block signals with a common configuration. The new block signals feature a 'straight ladder' (no platform), and no large US&S electrical cabinet. These signals are based on AT&SF designs, but will work for a large number of other railroads.

- HO #4002: H-2 Dwarf Signal Heads (2) CLICK HERE

- HO #4070: Searchlight Block Signal - Dual Head - Straight Ladder CLICK HERE

- HO #4071: Searchlight Block Signal - Single Head - Straight Ladder CLICK HERE

Download the Flyer and see more. (CLICK the image to download the PDF)
Happy Memorial Day
May 26, 2014
Today we celebrate and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while defending our country. It's only because of those brave individuals that we can capture photos like this, taken on the BNSF Needles Sub, at Goffs, California. 4/5/2014. Happy Memorial Day to all!

See more prototype photos on our Facebook Page

New Releases!
May 22, 2014
The following products are/were in stock and shipping to your favorite dealer. In some cases, we are already sold out of inventory. Remember to pre-order your favorite items to avoid any sell-outs.

HO Scale: ACF F89-J 89' Flat Car - Trailer Train Yellow

HO Scale: ACF F89-J 89' Flat Car - PTTX

N Scale: ACF F89-J 89' Flat Cars - JTTX

N Scale: Trinity 53' 3-Unit Spine Cars

N Scale: PS-4000 Covered Hopper (Run #4)

HO Scale: Portable Toilets

HO Scale: #4035 Modern Dual Head Block Signal - Left Hand

Open House!
April 14, 2014
We're proud to announce our Third Annual open house at the BLMA Models office! Come visit the 2014, Fullerton Railroad Days, and stop by our office to enter the see the latest products, and even pick up a few rare products you might not find in stores.

For one day only, take up to 35% OFF in stock rolling stock purchased in office only. (Prices will be noted in person based on availability and release date.)

Come one, come all. May 3rd only - 9am - 2pm. See you there!

AEI....OU? Why?
April 9, 2014

There has been some discussion around our upcoming Bx-166 Box Car, and the implied ‘AEI’ Tag shown on our pre-production CAD drawings. Let’s clear a few things up:

Short for Automatic Equipment Identification, the AEI ‘tags’ as they’re known, started showing up on freight cars in the late 1980's, and were very common by the early 1990's. Using RFID technology, these small tags, mounted on both sides of rolling stock, send information on the car whereabouts when read by trackside scanners. The AEI tags replaced the rather short-lived ACI plates (Automatic Car Identification), which used a barcode-type system to identify rolling stock. As you can imagine, freight cars seldom stay clean for very long and thus, the ACI plates had high failure rates. As a side note, we offer etched and printed ACI plates for your rolling stock as needed:

N Scale ACI Plates: CLICK HERE

Our recently announced HO & N Scale Bx-166 60’ Box Cars in the ‘As Delivered’ ATSF Super Shock Control Scheme (1974) and Shock Control (1982) scheme featured the small AEI tag on our artwork. This model is still in tooling, and we are going to adjust the tooling to NOT include the AEI tag on the earlier models. Look for these models sometime in late 2014. See more on our upcoming Bx-166 models below:

HO Scale: Bx-166 60' Double Door Box Car - ATSF
N Scale: Bx-166 60' Double Door Box Car - ATSF


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